Mucho Mojo featuring Robert Cotton at Bürgerbräu Wartburg

Hello Blues fans!

I had the pleasure of Singing with Wurtzburgs own Mucho Mojo on 17 July at the  Bürgerbräu Festival.

©Robert Cotton

The beautiful facility was rescued from demolition by a local architect / entrepreneur. Its the site of an old brewery that had been closed for years. the facility has many small connected buildings that offer a park, various social, bar, restaurant and other accommodations. Large concert hall and smaller party rooms to rent. Just a beautiful facility.

©Robert Cotton

On this occasion we were invited to perform at the first annual Burgerbräu Festival. It was a beautiful summer day. Wonderful for an outside concert. Plenty of seating, good beer, good food and various bands offering music to satisfy every one’s palate.

Thanks to all the blues fans in attendants. It was nice to have had the opportunity to talk with some of you.

Love All……….

                             …………Love the Blues more.

until next time…    Robert Cotton

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