Robert Cotton with Mucho Mojo at Residence Würtzburg

It was a great evening of Traditional Blues on 18 November, 2017 at the Würtzburg  Residence Rot Wein Keller in Würtzburg German.  A marithon session, 5 HOURS, of tradiional Blues!

The house was overflowing with young and old Blues lovers. As you may know, Würtzburg is a beautiful historical university town. Before the show the Blues lovers were lining up outside. 

By starting time, the caverns of the Rot Wein keller were packed with Blues lovers like sardines in a can! There was a nice mix of  seasoned Blues lovers and the young college crowd to keep the whole night on the edge.

The crowd keep getting larger and larger. we had to keep moving closer and closer together, moving the microphones, Amplifiers and ourselves closer and closer together. By the end of the night, The players barely had enough room to move! But it was great fun, and another great venue to play the Blues.

                     Love All……….

                                         …………Love the Blues more.

until next time…    Robert Cotton

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