Greetings real Blues fans, Robert Cotton is Back in Town

After a brilliant two year “mission” to one of the greatest music cities of world, New Orleans Louisiana, meeting and performing with some of the worlds best Blues musicians, my road has taken me to the Beautiful city of Würtzburg Germany. Since returning to Germany in late 2016, I have been putting the pieces of The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band back together. Meeting musicians, talking to club owners, making good friends, and at every opportunity, getting on stage to perform my Blues.

©Robert Cotton

Currently I am involved in three distinctive Blues projects.. “ The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band” bringing an energized mix of Chicago and Texas blues influences to the stage. “Mucho Mojo” a traditional Blues project performing pre 1963, predominately Harmonica based Blues to which I contribute Robert Cotton vocals and guitar. ” Robert Cotton Solo / Duo” a combination of harmonica, National Resonator guitar, acoustic/electric guitars and the soulful Robert Cotton vocals. Great for the lounge environment. Select the “On Tour” icon to see where the next Robert Cotton performance is near you. I look forward to seeing you there!

©Robert Cotton
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