Welcome to the fabulous Robert Cotton Band

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Robert Cotton !

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Robert Cotton & Friends.

15/02/2024 @ 19:00  “Elwood Restaurant” 206 RTE de CHP Farcon, 74370 Argonay, France.

“If you didnt know….. you know now!

The Blue Room Sessions……

I’ve been working on my new CD “The Blue Room Sessions” with my friend Jean at JB recording studio in Almelo Holland. We are just puting the final touches on it and it should be available for Delivery by Santa! The Blue Room Sessions are a compilation of some of my favorite Blues standards (…in the style of Robert Cotton of course…) and Robert Cotton originals. These handsome fella’s brought their magic on Bass (Martin), Lead guitar (Bert) and drums( George)……….

Abteikirche Offenbach-Hundheim….

...the date was 14 October 2023… the place….an old church in Offenbach-Hundheim Germany. Who knew this would be one of the most memorable performances for “Acoustic Cotton” to date……. I can not express in words the emotional high that I experienced in this magical place….. Thank you Abteikirche for inviting Robert Cotton -Acoustic Cotton- to perform our song for the passionate Blues lovers in attandance.

..the Blues is in me and its got to come out……

….My Sweet Home Chicago!……

Robert Cotton with The Blues Summit Players

06.07.2023 19:00

Lychee Tiki Bar, Rzeszow Poland

HAPPY 2023 !

….. the final warming rays of the sun year 2022

have gone……..

……the skin on my face

feels colder….feels older…….

I am sad that it has past so quickly….

..so much I still wanted to do.

….But my soul is electric with anticipation

of the coming year………….

my heart beats fast with excitement.

2023…. I welcome you with arms wide open!

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Mucho Mojo at Keller Z87 in Wurzburg

“Mucho Mojo” on a cool double bill with the R&B group “No Restrictions”. Much Mojo ( Sebo Schneider, Gunter Schunk, Peter Schaebler, Helmut Knadert..and my humble self Robert Cotton) opened up the night of Music with our tasty repertoire of Blues classics. Later in the evening No Restrictions took the stage with there Jump’n party groove..

Thanks all you Blues lovers for keeping the blues alive!

Keller Z87 Wurzburg
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Site renovation….

Hey Blues Lovers ! If you’ve been scrolling thru the Robert Cotton web site, you surely have noticed that things are Not what they used to be……… so I just wanted to let ya know the web site is und renovation due to some changes that were necessary…. We are getting to know the new server. All the fancy stuff is managed by my friend Gert from his office in Holland. Thanks Gert! Things will be back to normal soon so in the mean time, take a spot on the couch, grab a Bourbon and listen to some Robert Cotton Blues on your favorite Music streaming channel…… Merry Christmas to you and see you the next time around in 2023!

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Good Blues weekend to you

….here‘s to……weekends, good Bourbon, Flying V guitars, good Cigars, Harley Davidson bikes, good woman, good Blues music…..good Blues weekend to you my friends!

©Robert Cotton
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If you didn’t know, you know now…

Hello Friends! An event that can not be missed! Block this day on your calendar! All day to late at night ! There is no better cause for you to come out and show your support for all that we know as freedom. Help those that are struggling, those that fight for freedom. On 16/04/22 I will be performing with Mucho Mojo at approximately 18:00 at the event. PostHalle Wurzburg. Remember we are all one for freedom!

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Time to Live Again!!

News Flash!!

Celebrating a New Year. 

New Beginning. 

New Hopes & Dreams….

2022 starts with a new Blues Project…..

“Robert Cotton’s Southern Brotherhood”

I Can’t say too much right now but ……. you wont be disappointed friends!


Hello Folks, well here we are. We survived 2021!

It was indeed a challenge at times. I surely know I had my share of challenges to attend to… I am sure you all did as well.

As far as Music is concerned, a very quiet year…too quiet. We had a lot of time available for organizing, creating songs, polishing guitars……. some times it just made me want to SCREAM!

©Robert Cotton

oh… and I did a little side gig in 2021 called #“The Voice of Germany”… started back in December of 2020 while watching TV, an advertisement appeared for TVOG…. I thought hmmm …might be fun! Nothing else going on, …. gigs being cancelled, couldn’t even get together with my friends to rehearse, life was void of all social, artistic, pretty much all we know as normal human stimulation / interaction …. But you know all that, you were there!

©Robert Cotton / The Voice of Germany

It was a wonderful, once in a life time experience, working with fantastic professionals, TVOG team, the Voice coaches, #Naomivandooren, #catt that showed me how to take care of my voice, ….they showed me that just by smoking a cigar and drinking a Bourbon before going on stage won’t cut it…. and of course, the great bunch of young singers that made me feel like I was 28 again…. I made it up to the Quarter final, when it was all over for me, I was sad and it felt empty. …. But then after a couple days, contacts with fellow musicians, friends, words of congratulations for having achieved so much, I was motivated again and began setting up rehearsal and performance schedules, made the necessary contacts for my new #”The fabulous Robert Cotton Band” CD,…….. I am back in the game!

©Robert Cotton / The Voice of Germany

Thanks The Voice of Germany…….for this Fantastic Journey it was!

I am looking forward to a FABULOUS 2022 filled with Life.…… great music, great friends, great memories!

“Never Stop!” 

“The past is a memory …. make your memories unforgettable!”

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….all I want to say……

©Robert Cotton
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It’s time to get my Mojo Work’n!

No rehearsals, no live preformances, no meeting with my musical families….its been damn hard…

We are all finding our own way to maintain mental stability and our level of musical expertise during these strange times we find our selves having to cope with.

My music has helped me maintain a sense of normality when life around me has challenged me in more ways than I wish to say.

But today the sun is shining again, summer is on the horizon, I have a guitar in my hands, a song in my soul and a glass of good wine on the table

.…we will be just fine until we meet again and play our Blues for you.

~Robert Cotton~

The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band

Mucho Mojo

Blues Rules

©Robert Cotton
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The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band in Aub!

Ohhhhh what a Niggghhhhht!

©Robert Cotton

Harmonica wizard Albert Koch and Robert Cotton

1It was in the middle of one of the most challenging times of our lives . We have all spent out spring , summer and now moving into Fall, in lock down. Corona virus has the world in its claws……….Governments are at their nerves end, the people are anxious and angry….tired of being monitored and controlled. Its the year 2020 and people are worried , scared for the future of life as we have known to this point

But tonight!! ,……TONIGHT………. 11 August, 2020 in a small village in Bavaria Germany… a live concert is taking place…It has been months since people have been able to come together, come out in public and sit with friends that enjoy like things….. Like kicking Blues! The reason for this meeting of lost souls…..Jump’n American Blues is on the agenda in Aub Germany!

©Robert Cotton

The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band is “Alive” at the Spital Bühne in Aub! A very special guest has come along to make this evening even more amazing!  Harmonica Icon Albert Koch! Go ahead….get up out that seat…stand up and clap your hands ……. jump for Joy! The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band is Alive and serving up some tasty Blues youall!

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10 Year Anniversary & CD Release Party!

Friday, 27 December, 2019 

“Keller Z87”, Bürgerbrau gelände Wurzburg

©Robert Cotton

Mucho Mojo 
Gunther Shunk- Bass, Peter Schäbler- Guitar and Vocal, Marius -Drums, Sebastian Schneider- Harmonica, Robert Cotton- Vocals and Guiar.

Live Music with Mucho Mojo. Guest performances by Musicians that have kept Mucho Mojo “Alive” from 2009… the “early days”, to today. 

This evening also represents the official release date of Mucho Mojo’s new CD…….”Out Goes the Light”. Get your copy at the show and take Mucho Mojo home with you tonight. 

The party starts at 20:00 until…..well………”the lights go out!!”

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