The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band in Aub!

Ohhhhh what a Niggghhhhht!

©Robert Cotton

Harmonica wizard Albert Koch and Robert Cotton

1It was in the middle of one of the most challenging times of our lives . We have all spent out spring , summer and now moving into Fall, in lock down. Corona virus has the world in its claws……….Governments are at their nerves end, the people are anxious and angry….tired of being monitored and controlled. Its the year 2020 and people are worried , scared for the future of life as we have known to this point

But tonight!! ,……TONIGHT………. 11 August, 2020 in a small village in Bavaria Germany… a live concert is taking place…It has been months since people have been able to come together, come out in public and sit with friends that enjoy like things….. Like kicking Blues! The reason for this meeting of lost souls…..Jump’n American Blues is on the agenda in Aub Germany!

©Robert Cotton

The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band is “Alive” at the Spital Bühne in Aub! A very special guest has come along to make this evening even more amazing!  Harmonica Icon Albert Koch! Go ahead….get up out that seat…stand up and clap your hands ……. jump for Joy! The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band is Alive and serving up some tasty Blues youall!

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