Blues Lovers at Kulturcafe IBBH

Sunday 30 May 2010 at 11:12 am

Hey my Blues Brothers and Sisters!
On 28 May in Oberursel, just outside of Frankfurt Germany, the good people from International Bund Behinderte Hilfe hired me to perform a Solo Blues evening at their new Kulturcafe IBBH. There were some real Blues lovers there for the show. I enjoyed talking to all of you about  Blues Music, Guitars, even some politics. Its always a pleasure for me to meet people that enjoy the Blues. If I was able to bring a smile to your face,  helped to recall some pleasant memories of the past or inspired you to get that old guitar out of the closet and play that  song that you loved in college, then I did my job well.

©Robert Cotton

Let me tell you a little about Kulturcafe IBBH. Its a comfortable little cafe with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The Kulture cafe is directly associated with the Behinderte Heim and all profits  of the Cafe  go directly to the Home.  So no matter if your thinking about comeing out to Kulturecafe IBBH and want to enjoy the  next Robert Cotton performance of Jump’n Blues or if you choose to come in for one of the other varieties of Musical entertainment, please do so and support this wonderful cause. You will meet lots impressive people doing  wonderful things for those less fortunate than our selves.

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable order a nice cold beer, or a glass of wine, hungry? They have warm meals as well.

Relax and enjoy the music….

Hey take a look at the pictures archive and click on Kulturecafe IBBH. You might see your pretty face…..along with my own…..

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