I play my blues for you

The Occasion?

40th Birthday Celebration of the “United Democratic Jurists”.

They came to Frankfurt Literature House from around Deutschland to celebrate and Honor the spirit of their union.

Although, it was not only party, party, party for the Juristen. After a full day of meetings and discussion, the guests were eager to kick back, enjoy some delicious food, fine wine and house rocking Blues.

Our host Manfred invited The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band to partake in the cuisine prepared and offered by the staff at Literature House.  I can say that I  fully enjoyed my share of  all the “tasty Treats ” offered……. OK, perhaps more than my share.

Then it was “Time to Play the Blues!”   2 Hours of Jumpin, House Rocking Blues delivered by The Fabulous Robert Cotton Band ….the only way we know how….”Full Temperature!” and  “Cooked to Perfection!”   Following the 2 hour course of  “Blues a la  “The Fabulous Robert Cotton band”, we invited a couple of the Jusristen who enjoy chopping the Axe to come on stage to play guitar and sing with the band.  The audience was astonished to learn that their colleagues, people they have known for years, had such passion and talent beyond the scope of “Juristen”. It was wonderful to watch the expressions and positive reactions from the audience as their colleagues “showed their stuff”.

In conclusion, it was a wonderful night of Live Blues. We enjoyed meeting and talking to you all and look forward to playing our Blues for and with you again soon.

If you would like to view some additional pictures from the party, just go to Pictures and click on “Juristen Party.” There you can also down load pictures you would like to have for yourself.

Thanks Manfred, thanks Verreinigung demokratischer Juristen!

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