7 July 2012 BB King & Kenny Wayne Shepherd in Frankfurt

It was a wonderful night for a meeting of Chicago traditional style and Blues Rock contemporary sounds.
Kenny Wayne Shepherd opened the show with his band which included a surprise for all the “REAL” Blues lovers in attendance. Steve Ray Vaughan’s drummer “CHRIS LAYTON” was in the house. AWESOME!!

Kenny and Band were Magnificent! The guitar was like an extension of his body. Great vocals, crying guitar, and to close it up Chris Layton on drums……. What more needs to be said.

Second half of the show belonged to BB King. The team change was noticed by all, in that the energy and enthusiasm level dropped about two notches……. sorry BB. B, it may be time to find a nice place to relax the rest of your life and enjoy the fruits of your life long work. All due respect as I am one of your biggest fans. But, we’re starting to feel sorry for you up there Man! We can’t even follow what the hell your talking about!!…. your stories don’t make sense any more.

The Music is sounding……… well just OK, and that’s due to your band which is also getting pretty damn tired sounding. Through the course of the night, you would have been in trouble a few times if not for the band carrying you. Don’t think we don’t notice,”Because we do notice.”
I felt I got my moneys worth only because of the wonderful surprise of Kenny Wayne Shepard as opening act and extra bonus surprise of Chris Layton on drums.
Sorry BB, I love you, but I want to remember you as a Blues pioneer, forging the path for the next generations which you did as a gentleman and a diplomat. I hope your powers to be respect you as we all do and let you enjoy the rest of your life as you have well deserved.

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