Darmstadt Blues week

Hello Friends,

Just a little note on a resent “The Fabulous Robert Cotton band” performance.
We were invited to perform in Darmstadt Germany on 24 November for the “Darmstadt Blues Week” The club that we had the pleasure of entertaining at is “Der RABE” (The Raven). Der Rabe is a very nice little Music club that usually lays down some nice classic rock sounds with their house DJ. But for the Darmstadt Blues Week, we were hired to “get that house jump’n”. And that’s just what we did. I brought my usual posy: Berni “The Burn Man” on Bass guitar and Sascha on Drums. As a special treat for the local Blues Fans, I invited my friend Philly Long to dance a little on the Keyboard. We were scheduled to start at 21:00. The house was packed and ready to Jump by 20:30. Another long time friend of mine Michael Sharkt was also on hand. Michael is the Darmstadt Blues watch dog. He keeps the Blues alive locally with news letters and a Radio program that he Hosts once a week. ……..the Blues is definitely in him….. Michael opened the Blues week and introduced us to the local Blues Fans. We started the session with some traditional warm up music courtesy, “Green Onions / You got to Help me”. Added some Shuffle, a pinch of Swing, squeeze of Blues Rock, jigger of R&B and the crowd was ours. We were scheduled to perform for two hours but as they say, the customer is always right, so we played an additional set to the pleasure of the residents in the Upstairs apartments…….When the 3rd set was closing out the crowd began to demand an encore. I sent an eye over to the boss at Der Rabe, Fino, looking for an OK to continue. He signaled “One more song” That’s It!. The audience responded with applause and cheers when we got back on stage and picked up our instruments. We finished up the night with a long version of the Muddy Waters classic “I Just Want to Make Love To you”.

It was a great night of Blues for all the Blues fans in Darmstadt as well as a pleasure for the Fabulous Robert Cotton band to bring our Music to Darmstadt.

Thanks Michael, Fino…….. Darmstadt Blues Lovers!
See Y’all next time around.

Robert Cotton & The Fabulous Robert Cotton band

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