In memory of Wil Ripley

Hello friends. This past week I received news that one of Frankfurt’s premiere musician / song writer and friend Wil Ripley has passed away. Wil was a staple in the Frankfurt Music scene for more than 20 years. I met Wil about 7 years ago when I first arrived in Germany and was working my way through the who is who in the Frankfurt Blues scene. 

Through the years I had a few opportunities to perform with Wil but more than that we developed Musical respect for one another and a friendship. In recent past Wil and I spoke about cooperating on a project. We wanted to join forces , voices and guitars and concur the Frankfurt scene. ……….. unfortunately Wil’s personal demons would not allow him to continue on this path. He fought the good fight with an internal foe that ultimately took over all aspects of his life. At one point, we all thought that he had won his battle and was on the road to recovery. After making some very difficult changes in his life, many of us thought he was back. He was 100%, writing Music performing in all the best locations, voice A1…..

But this success was temporary. His opponent took over his body and mind ……… and took him from us.

Wil Ripley,
…………. rest in peace my friend…………………

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